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Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design

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Mid-Century Modern kitchen designs have been a big trend in 2018. With a distinct influence from the 1960’s, we can’t really call the trend a comeback because this style has never truly gone out of style. The bright, versatile and spacious layouts of mid-century modern kitchens make for a timeless and classic design. This week we’re tipping our caps and discussing our favourite elements of mid-century modern kitchens and hoping we give you some great design inspiration!

Bright colourful kitchen with white flooring. Features an island topped with white quartz and red wood custom cabinetry with upper cabinet fronts in various earthy tones giving an interesting pop of colour to the space.

Source: Veneer Designs

If there’s one thing to take away from the era of mid-century modern design, it’s that a small kitchen doesn’t need to cut corners with style or function. Mid-century modern kitchen designs are stylistically versatile, and you really can’t go wrong as they are incredibly functional in large or small spaces, going to work by maximizing your storage, counter and seating space. Aesthetically, mid-century modern kitchens are characterized by the warm natural wood tones of tall and narrow cabinets. Sleek and sophisticated, having this kind of storage enhances the space in your kitchen by keeping your countertops clear of clutter and bulkier appliances for that classic minimal look. This is the reason mid-century modern kitchens work well for small kitchens: no matter the space you’re working with, you’re going to have a place for everything!

In a larger space, you’re able to work out a more open concept design for your mid-century modern kitchen. This is very reminiscent of the era that inspired the design. Classic mid-century modern kitchens are not meant to be separate rooms, but are rather meant to blend into the adjoining spaces. The result is a kitchen design that is open, warm and inviting which is what makes the style and design so timeless.

Regardless of whether you’re working with a large or small amount of available space, the galley kitchen is a design element that is both functional and classic. This mid-century modern kitchen component features two parallel countertops, with your work space running down the centre. Two counters makes cooking extremely functional as you can turn from the utensils drawer, to the pantry cabinet to the stove top with convenience and ease. Meal preparation becomes a breeze, as all your tools are well-organized and within your immediate reach.

Mid-centry modern kitchen with a mint green, blue and white colour scheme with bronzed metal hardware. Kitchen features bright french doors, a breakfast bar and stainless steel appliances

Source: Digs Digs

A mid-century modern galley kitchen is versatile and easy to customize. Of course your galley kitchen counters can be symmetrical, but they don’t have to be! An asymmetrical design will create a stylistic edge without sacrificing functionality. Whether you opt for symmetry or not, in either case one side of your galley should be equipped with tall kitchen cabinets. This kind of storage is invaluable in the kitchen, especially when your cabinets line your work space.

You can also design one side of the galley counter as an island for people to sit at. Open concept elements like galley islands are what make mid-century modern kitchens warm and inviting. An island galley is also a place where you can really add that mid-century modern flare by incorporating groovier elements to bring the space together. Brightly coloured seating or funky lighting fixtures are where the influence of the 60s truly comes through. Mid-century modern seating is characterized by narrow or hairpin legs which coordinate perfectly with a galley island.

Those playful bright splashes of colour don’t have to come from your kitchen chairs alone though. Mid-century modern colour elements can be incorporated with an accent wall or with a bright kitchen backsplash, or through less permanent fixtures like art and lighting. Metallic features also contribute to the mid-century modern style and are best achieved on cabinets with minimal, slender and high gloss cabinet handles. Doors and drawers with minimal hardware take up less physical space, look cleaner and draw attention to the openness of the design. You can also incorporate high gloss finished countertops into your designs, these materials reflect light and also help to enhance the openness of space.

The perfect mid-century modern kitchen design is all about balance. You don’t have to over do it because you don’t want to end up feeling like you live on the set of Mad Men. Mid-century modern kitchen designs are functional, versatile, aesthetically pleasing and absolutely FULL of stylistic design possibilities. If you’re ready to have your own mid-century modern kitchen, bring us all your inspiration and we’ll create the custom cabinets of your dream kitchen!