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8 Dramatic Kitchens That Went Back-To-Black

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A kitchen is a place for creativity to thrive, but the food isn’t the only thing that deserves to be infused with imagination. Any experienced interior designer knows that your kitchen should be just as original as the dishes you serve. So go ahead and get dramatic.

Recently, there has been an emergence of a darker, more decadent color palette for kitchen redesigns, and we’re totally on board. You shouldn’t be afraid to make a statement with your kitchen, especially if that means going back-to-black. Let’s be honest, when it comes to interior design inspiration, the bolder, the better.

1. Bold Patterns

This sleek masterpiece was designed by Woody’s specifically for the Dream Lottery’s grand prize home. We wanted to mix bold patterns with a stark black and white color contrast to give the space dimension. Not only does this design look modern, it feels relaxed and comfortable — just how a home should feel.

Classic modern dining room with long dark wood table looking into a kitchen with a large island topped with white quartz countertops that is mirrored on both ends

2. Black & Brown

Often times people are afraid to incorporate large amounts of brown and black in the same room. Well, we’re here to assure you that, if done properly, natural wood contrasted against large black pieces, can look refreshing and natural.

Modern kitchen with slab front cabinets with heavy wood graining accented by a red stain

Source: Architectural Digest

3. Mix of Metal

Simply put, when you mix metal and black, you get pure class and sophistication. This kitchen could make anyone want to entertain. Steel has definitely never looked so good.

Grey and black kitchen with a central sleek island and integrated sink. Grey slab front upper cabinetry with a matte finish mixed with shiny steel appliances

Source: Architectural Digest

4. Light Marble Contrast

When properly incorporated into your kitchen, marble can convey timeless class and elegance. Using a light marble in an otherwise darkly coloured kitchen adds texture to the room and gives the eye more complexities to enjoy.

Photo of a high contrast kitchen with a large custom marble cooking station nook with stainless steel shelving, appliances and cabinetry

Source: Elle Decor

5. Vintage Chic

When a vintage kitchen design meets black, the results are chic and modern with a hint of cozy warmth. These traits may seem like polar opposites, but that’s the beauty of a space this unique.

Homey high contrast kitchen featuring black custom cabinetry and island behind a large wooden table

Source: Homed It

6. All in the Details

If you have a lot of appliances and counter space, incorporating black tile can be a subtle and interesting way to tone down the elaborate nature of the room. Plus, accenting this backsplash with beautifully rippled wood, doesn’t hurt.

Dark kitchen corner that incorporates black tile backsplash up to the ceiling. Features rippled wood cabinet fronts, integrated fridge and integrated sink

Source: Homed It

7. Modern Elegance

This newly-built, all black kitchen is currently the prime jewel of the Woody’s Custom Cabinetry showroom, and I’m sure you can see why. Chic, modern, and packed with elegant details, this kitchen is as functional as it is showstopping.

Newly-built, all black chic kitchen that is the focal point of Woody's Premium Cabinetry's London Ontario showroom.

8. Pop of Colour

The best part about designing a black kitchen is the endless accent colour possibilities. The dark demeanour of this kitchen can make anything pop, which means accessorizing your kitchen with fixtures and decorations is extremely easy.

A dark kitchen with colourful pendant lighting overtop of a custom island topped with black marble countertops

So if you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, and are inspired by these dark designs, book a free design consultation, and one of our talented designers will help you take your kitchen to the dark side of chic.

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