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Outdoor Transformations: Clever Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Living Space

By April 12, 2018 November 23rd, 2018 No Comments

While the weather in Ontario is still playing tricks on us, we can finally say that Spring is officially here and were excited to be gearing up for our new summer projects. As you may have heard (or read) we’re delighted to announce that we’re partnering with NatureKast and will be able to offer our clients with their entire outdoor cabinetry product catalogue.

Not only do they offer fantastic styles to suit and backyard dream, but their weatherproof cabinets use advanced hi-density resin to give each product the natural look and feel of wood while providing the protection needed to stand up to harsh Canadian weather. That means no warping, fading or cracking. What makes NatureKast even better? They’re located in St. Catherines, Ont. so you know that you’re receiving the same local and quality craftsmanship as you get from Woody’s.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration for your own oasis, look no further. This week on the blog we’re talking all about dream kitchens for the outdoors. Just as with our indoor projects, no two kitchens are ever the same and we’re able to customize your project to meet your unique needs. From rustic to modern, there are original options for every style you can imagine. As NatureKast says, “Now you can have everything you’d want outdoors… and the kitchen sink!”

Here are our top inspirations for the summer of 2018:

Outdoor Living Spaces

Spend your time preparing dinner outside with your family and friends instead of hidden away in the kitchen! Build an entire outdoor kitchen and living area for your family to enjoy all summer long. From cabinets built around your barbeque or Big Green Egg and counter space for meal prep, to a bar with stools for visitors to keep the cook company, there are endless options when it comes to designing your dream outdoor living space.

An outdoor entertainment space featuring a large bar, NatureKast BBQ and grill and custom light wood toned cabinetry

At the cottage

Make the most of the summer season at your home away from home. Designing a custom setup on your deck allows you to have a practical cooking and visiting space outdoors while being able to take advantage of the beautiful view.

Straight on photo of a NatureKast BBQ and grill within an outdoor custom cabinetry unit with granite countertops

Do you love fishing? Why not design a cleaning station! Include lighting so that you can take care of your catch after a good haul, no matter what time you make it back in.

Photo of a dock with a custom cabinetry fishing station with hanging fish

Balcony Spaces

Don’t have a big yard but would still like to have an outdoor living area? Create a custom kitchen space on your balcony. Whether the space you’re working with is big or small, there are plenty options for every size.

Bar cabinetry on a balcony looking out over a coastal night cityscape in the distance

And, don’t worry! Remember that any outdoor living space made by Woody’s will stand up to the weather season-round.

Winter scene of a NatureKast BBQ and grill within a custom cabinetry unit with granite countertops covered in snow

Interested in designing your outdoor living space? Get in touch with us!

All photos are courtesy of NatureKast. To learn more and see their entire catalogue, visit their website here.