Custom Laundry Room Cabinetry

Sort, fold and iron with ease in a laundry room built with functionality in mind.

Laundry room custom wall unit with coat hooks, made with off white custom cabinets and clean white quartz countertops

Woody’s Custom Laundry Room Cabinetry

Laundry no longer needs to be a dreaded chore when you have a functional and beautiful space to take on the task in style. We collaborate with you to craft a design that will work for your unique laundry needs. Shelving and storage, cabinets and baskets, and even a designated folding space will make laundry efficient and easy.


Premium Craftsmanship

Proudly Canadian, our custom laundry room cabinets are made at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Strathroy, Ontario. Our experienced craftsmen deliver perfection and premium quality that you’ll love for years to come.

Customized for You

A built in ironing area, a folding station, hanger rods, hidden laundry baskets…the options for a laundry room you’ll love are endless. Bring us your inspiration and we will use it to build custom laundry room cabinets that are not only beautiful, but functional.

Quality Installation

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop when your custom laundry room cabinets leave our shop. Our delivery experts handle every item like it’s furniture and install it with the greatest care and attention to detail. The only left for you to do is the laundry (sorry)!

Awards & Achievements

We are incredibly proud to be award winners for our custom laundry rooms. Our work has received nearly two dozen awards within London and nationally, demonstrating our commitment to the highest standard of quality, service and care.


Some Awards of Creative Excellence won by Woody's Premium Cabinetry

Our Warranty

You can trust that we will be there to support you even after your custom laundry room cabinets have been installed. We stand by the quality of our products and our meticulous installation. That’s why we are proud to offer a warranty ahead of industry standards.

Match Your Decor

Your laundry room should flow with the decor of your home, but feel free to have fun with this tucked away space. We provide modern, traditional and transitional options that will match your home’s look, while providing all the essentials you need to make laundry more enjoyable.

Colours & Finishes

Our custom laundry room cabinets feature beautiful finishes that will stand-up to laundry endless days. Choose a stain from a range of dark to light hues, or go for a painted finish to suit your colour statement in any colour imaginable.

Custom Styles

Consider stepping out of your comfort-zone to make laundry a little bit more fun. This hidden space is your chance to be creative with cabinets and storage. If you typically go safe with traditional, perhaps try a more modern look, or go industrial chic to match the utilitarian laundry chore, or go glam with glossy cabinets. The options are limitless!


The hardware on your custom laundry room cabinets should suit your style, but also be unobtrusive around all the clothing and folding. Subtle and minimal is ideal in this space, but of course, the choice is yours! Choose from several style and finishes…matte black, polished pewter, shiny chrome, brushed bronze. The options are endless!


Whether you’re a big family, a busy couple, or a single professional, your laundry room is going to be a daily destination. Our high quality custom laundry room cabinet are made of beautiful materials in a variety of wood species that will stand-up to almost any task.

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