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How Greyscale Cabinets Can Offer Versatility and Style

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When it comes to interior design, there is no colour scheme more versatile than black and white. Greyscale interior design can be dressed up, dressed down, it can be ultra modern or a vintage classic. Both bold and timeless, today we’re talking about the best ways to design your greyscale colour scheme with a little help from us at Woody’s!

Two tone grey and white kitchen featuring cabinets with a custom glazed finish and paired with brass metal hardware

What is Greyscale?

Greyscale refers to the use of black and white as the dominant colours in your space. Greyscale schemes work in large or small living spaces, giving them a clean, fresh look. This style is remarkably flexible and can be executed to be subtle and minimal with the use of white as the main colour, or it can be bold and dramatic by using black as the dominant shade. More white means brightness, and you can use black to highlight the features you want to stand out. Regardless of the direction you go in with your greyscale colour scheme, it will always look sophisticated. Contrast isn’t just about juxtaposing black and white. The versatility of greyscale comes through as well with the addition of colour and texture. Everything goes with black and white including natural wood or stone flooring, or gold, brass and copper fixtures.

Greyscale Kitchens

Starting in the kitchen, greyscale is easy to pull off and is sleek, clean and modern. One way to start your design is to build around the colour of your appliances. White and black appliance sets are very popular in 2018 and they’re also unique, as many homeowners opt for stainless steel appliances. You can even find range hoods in black or white! At Woody’s we can custom match your cabinets to whatever tone you’re coordinating with.

Countertops offset the colour of your cabinets and are a great place to incorporate contrast. Black countertops are stunning statement pieces. In white kitchens, black countertops draw the eye and become a highlighted feature. With white countertops, anything high gloss is going to reflect light and add an element of openness to your kitchen. White marble counters are beautiful options for a greyscale kitchen, as they are often available with grey swirls running throughout. This lighter grey element will compliment your dark tones and create balance between the black and white. Another great way to create contrast is to install black drawer pulls on your white custom cabinets, and vice versa.

Nominated for Kitchen of the year 2018. Modern Kitchen space designed with two luxurious islands painted in charcoal grey and topped with pristine white quartz with tiled marble backsplash.

You can add less permanent accents to help create contrast between black and white as well. Things like island seating, hanging light fixtures, subway tile backsplashes, and flooring can be used to build contrast. Another greyscale element we love for kitchens is a chalkboard wall! Chalkboard walls are especially useful if you have a busy family that is always on the go. Chalkboard walls are easy to make (it’s just paint) and can help you keep track of different schedules and meal plans. Plus they’re fun to decorate around holidays if you live with a creative bunch.

Greyscale Bathrooms

Did you know that cluttered and messy spaces can make people anxious? Custom bathroom cabinets create a place for everything so your bathroom is organized and clutter free all the time. And bathrooms are another great spot to implement a greyscale colour scheme. This is the easiest way to create a relaxing spa atmosphere in your home because a black and white design is always elegant and clean.

Contrasting flooring is a great place to start. Your bathroom is an area where a black and white checkered floor gives off a unique vintage aesthetic. Black tile floors also contrast beautifully with custom white cabinets and a stand alone tub. Just take a look at this stand alone spa tub from a previous Woody’s project!

Luxurious modern grey bathroom featuring a black and white stand alone tub with overhanging chandelier

White or black marble also creates contrast as well as opulence in a bathroom. You can also use different elements like shape to create contrast. A unique shape, such as a hexagon mirror creates contrast and can act as a statement piece. You can also create contrast just with the placement of your bathroom mirror. For example, if your mirror faces a white wall reflects white, why not frame the mirror in black!

Your bathroom is perfect for contrasting textures with your cabinets as well. White towels always look crisp and soft black accents like bath mats, pair wonderfully together. Greyscale interior design colour schemes can also change easily by playing around with, and adding coloured accent pieces. Switch out your white towels for a colour and the design of the room is still held together by your stronger light and dark elements.

A black and white interior is a bold and beautiful choice and the great thing is that if you ever want to change it up, you have so much flexibility. Accent colours can be incorporated based on the season. If you’re worried about the space being overpowering, plants are yet another great way to add a pop of colour and texture and bring more life to the room. Or if you want your decor to be a part of the greyscale scheme, black and white framed photos are a fantastic choice.

Your black and white interior design doesn’t have to rigidly follow any rules. You don’t have to use the deepest black tones and the brightest whites. You are free to select warmer whites tones or deep charcoal greys; there are a multitude of tones in between that accomplish the same contrast. You also don’t have to design the room with a 50/50 black and white split. There is tons of room to play around. One way is to do your larger upper cabinets in white and your shorter lower cabinets in black.

Photo of a navy and white kitchen with custom cabinetry and glass front upper display cabinets. Features built-in appliances and an apron front sink

Source: Pinterest

This creates a bold statement and also draws the eye upward. Whatever you decide to build, your greyscale kitchen or bathroom will be stylish, sophisticated and be impossible to ignore when you use gorgeous custom cabinets as the backbone of your design. We hope this inspired you to book your design session soon!