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Custom Shaker Cabinets from Woody’s

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Shaker cabinets are a historic design that dates back to the late 1700s. Shaker cabinets are simple and minimal, with clean lines, recessed accents and sleek hardware. The design has its roots in an aesthetic choice that rejected flash, flourish and decadence in favour of utility and function. In modern kitchen design, we’ve shed that rejection of flourish (thank goodness!) and shaker cabinets can be designed to create balance and uniformity in your kitchen, while still being a functional workspace. This week on the blog we’re discussing what shaker cabinets can do for your space!

Shaker cabinets are a great design to play with because you can either dress them up or dress them down. As we said, minimal and sleek lines are the more traditional way to do shaker cabinets, while colourful cabinets are a more contemporary reimagining. Another wonderful design trick if you like the more traditional style is to offset the cabinets with a different accent, such as floor tiles, backsplashes or window dressings. These accents can really tie the room together without distracting from the cabinets themselves.

Large spacious white and dark wood kitchen featuring shaker cabinets, glass display cabinets and white quartz countertops

Shaker cabinets are great for creating balance in your kitchen. The straight lines of the cabinets are meant to be continuous above and below the line of the countertop. The lines of shaker cabinets are also great for wrapping around corners and beautifully framing appliances. Another option for creating balance throughout your kitchen with shaker cabinets is to panel your kitchen island with the same pattern and finish as the cabinets themselves. The uniformity of the shaker cabinets can further be offset by accent cabinets doors that have glass panels in them.

Because of the minimal design and focus on function more so than aesthetics (not that they won’t be beautifully built) your Woody’s designed shaker cabinets will be easy to maintain. With sleek lines, recessed patterns and minimal hardware, they very seldom get caught on objects or people, which makes them a great choice if you have kids or pets.

Based on the fact that shaker cabinets originated in the late 1700s yet we still install them now, it’s safe to say that their style and function are here to stay. Practical and stylish, we’ll design and install the shaker cabinets that are best suited for you! The best thing about shaker cabinets is that their function isn’t restricted to just the kitchen. Shaker cabinets are great installations for your laundry room too! Take a look at this laundry room cabinet installation we did for a client and let us know what you think. Hopefully it’s enough inspiration for you to call to book your design session 😉

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