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Caring for your Countertops – Dos & Don’ts

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The kitchen is the heart of the home — this means it sees lots of happy family moments as well as lots of messes from meals. Many don’t realize that each different countertop material comes with its own unique set of cleaning practices. Furthermore, what may be recommended for one may be an absolute no-no for another.

Curious how to best care for yours? This week on the blog, we’re dishing our best tricks for keeping your kitchen counters sparkling.


Do: Clean with a mild dish soap and warm water using a microfiber dishcloth.

Don’t: As an igneous rock, acid materials such as vinegar, lemon juice and bleach should never be used to avoid dulling and discoloration.

Good to know: Corian, granite, travertine, quartz, and Corian stone all stain quickly, so mop up spills immediately and always be sure to use coasters under your drinks.

A traditional white and dark wood kitchen featuring heavy crown moulding, display cabinets and custom cabinetry with granite countertops


Do: Clean with a warm, damp microfiber cloth and mild dish soap. Be sure to remove any wet residue immediately by going over the counter with a dry microfiber cloth.

Don’t: Don’t use an acidic (lemon juice or vinegar) cleaning solutions.

Good to know: Since marble is a soft stone, it’s essential to never use abrasive brushes for cleaning. This may dull the stone and lead to scratches.

Light wood and white kitchen with rounded island and quartz countertop. Kitchen features floor to ceiling VOC free custom cabinets finished with beeswax


Do: Using either a solution of either warm water with dish soap or baking soda, clean the wooden countertop using a sponge in small, circular motions.

Don’t: Don’t forget to seal your wood! Since butcher block counters can dry out over time, it’s a good idea to rub mineral oil over the entire surface at least a few times a year to protect it from cracking. Simply apply the oil with a cloth, let it sit for half an hour and then remove residue with a damp sponge.

Good to know: Wood countertops can absorb odors from preparing food. A quick and easy way to get rid of any smells is by rubbing the surface of the counter with a slice of lemon.

Close up of a lemon on a worn wood countertop


Do: Wash laminate countertops with warm, soapy water and a sponge.

Don’t: Scrub with an abrasive brush. This can lead to cuts and cracks in the seal.

Good to know: In case of stains, use a baking powder paste solution to easily lift discolorations. Simply apply, cover with a damp cloth and let it set for an half hour. Wipe off the paste and go over with a clean, damp sponge to remove any residue.

Close up of brown cabinetry topped with laminate countertops

And there you have it. The dos, don’ts and good to know’s when it comes to caring for your countertops.

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