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8 Awesome Countertop Materials for your Next Kitchen Remodel

By August 30, 2017 November 26th, 2018 No Comments

Picking your kitchen countertops are one of the biggest decisions you will make during any kitchen renovation. As the focal point of the kitchen, they are used for meal prep, homework, entertaining and decoration—so finding a countertop to fit your lifestyle and design style is essential.

With all of the materials available, it can be difficult to determine which one suits your home. But don’t worry! Our team of kitchen design experts are going to break down the key components of the most popular countertop options available, so you can make an informed and confident decision.

1. Wood

Rustic, warm and cozy, solid wood countertops definitely inspire a refined cottage kitchen vibe. A solid butcher block style provides both durability and functionality. If properly sealed and maintained, wood countertops can remain sanitary, even when chopping meat. If treated regularly, wood is also highly heat resistant and can be paired with other natural surfaces such as stone, to provide a stylish contrast to your space.

Refined white cottage kitchen with a wood countertop topped with wine, food and glassware. Features custom cabinetry, an integrated stovetop and a white painted open truss ceiling

Source: This Old House

2. Steel

Modern, industrial and clean, stainless steel is a sleek and stylish material to accessorize a minimalist kitchen. It’s neutral sheen coordinates with any color, so the print, pattern and texture possibilities are endless. Plus, its smooth surface is easy to clean, making it one of the most hygienic countertop options available.

Modern industrial stainless steel countertop in a black kitchen

Source: Architectural Digest

3. Quartz

Elegant, durable and vibrant, Quartz is definitely one of the most popular countertop materials with endless possibilities. It’s considered a manufactured stone that has the same durability as granite, but with a more forgiving nature. Not only is it stain, acid, impact, scratch and heat resistant, it’s practically maintenance-free. It’s non-porous, therefore it doesn’t need to be sealed, and will not accumulate bacteria or viruses. Plus, it comes in a variety of colours and patterns, making it an easy to incorporate into any kitchen design.

Neutral painted kitchen with elegant quartz countertops on top of a white painted breakfast bar

Source: This Old House

4. Granite

Known as a traditional choice for most homeowners, granite offers a luxurious look with a durable prep surface. Heat, cuts, stains and scratches don’t harm a properly sealed and installed granite countertop. Since it is a natural material, every piece of granite is completely unique and rippled with rare colours and patterns.

There are two major finishes available for granite countertops: honed or polished. Honed granite provides a soft, matte finish that evokes an understated and subtle vibe. Unfortunately, honed granite is much more porous than it’s polished counterpart, so it’s more susceptible to staining. Polished granite is much less porous, making it sanitary, and resistant to scratching, chipping and staining.

Ultimately, the type of finish you choose should be based on your lifestyle and the type of look you are trying to create.

Light wood toned kitchen filled to the brim with cabinetry topped with granite countertops. Features a custom cabinetry and stone unit surrounding the large integrated stove

Source: HGTV

5. Marble

Timeless, classic and aesthetically pleasing, marble countertops give any kitchen a high-end look. Marble is softer and more porous than granite, so it does require sealing to avoid scratches or stains. It is also a naturally cool material, so it’s great for baking and cooking. Unfortunately, if you don’t properly seal, or clean your marble countertops, you could risk accumulating permanent stains.

There are two types of finishes available for marble countertops. The first is a honed finish, which basically means the marble has been sanded down to a soft matte finish, essentially camouflaging any scratches. Unfortunately, the matte finish opens the pores of the stone, making it more susceptible to staining. Thankfully, a polished finish has a shiny exterior which won’t stain as easily. That being said, the shiney finish doesn’t hide the scratches as well as the honed marble does, so the finish you choose should be based on your overall lifestyle.

Photo of a contemporary grey and navy kitchen with metal hardware and geometic patterned marble backsplash. Kitchen has custom cabinetry and an apron front sink with a pot filler faucet

Source: HGTV

6. Glass

Modern, chic and clean, glass countertops are the ultimate accessory for the modern kitchen. When it comes to glass, the possibilities are endless. It can be tinted, textured or shaped to fit your kitchen. It’s easy to clean and is stain, scratch and heat resistant. What more could you ask for?

Ultra modern kitchen with sleek glass countertops topped with fruit and flowers with a floor to ceiling fridge

Source: Architectural Digest

7. Soapstone

Neutral, rustic and versatile, soapstone is not as hard as granite, but it is versatile and less brittle, so it won’t crack unexpectedly. It’s non-porous nature makes it completely stain or bacteria resistant, and easy to clean. Available in a wide array of gray tones, some pieces have light veining to add a pinch of subtle detail to your countertop. Since this material is a little softer than granite, avoid cutting on it directly. Fortunately, surface scratches can be easily buffed off and polished away.

Photo of a grey kitchen space topped with soapstone countertops making this countertop completely bacteria resistant.

Source: Apartment Therapy

8. Limestone

Classic, subtle and natural, Limestone is a classic countertop material with a timeless look. It’s natural state doesn’t have any veining or graining , and is excellent at resisting heat. To remain scratch and stain resistant, limestone countertops must be properly sealed and routinely cared for. This material is quite versatile and can be used in bathrooms and around fireplaces for timeless and elegant look.

Modern kitchen featuring minimalistic dark grey custom cabinetry topped with limestone countertop that stretches up to create this spaces backsplash

Source: AMM Blog

The right countertop can really enhance your kitchen design, so don’t rush to make a decision. If you’re still having difficulty deciding what countertop is right for you, contact Woody’s Premium Cabinetry today, for some extra guidance and support.